About Nanaimo Precast

Nanaimo Precast Ltd. is locally owned and one of only nine CSA Certified precast concrete facilities in BC. Our 20,000 sqft facility is state-of-the-art, located on 10 acres and manufactures structural precast and custom concrete products on site. We also have a large inventory of precast concrete products that include concrete tanks, well casings, and median barriers. We’re also the only distributors on Vancouver Island for the Redi Rock™ retaining wall system.

The Island Advantage
Our Nanaimo location offers significant advantages that can save you time and money, in fact some of our best customers are 850kms away. The temperate coastal climate at our Nanaimo location allows our CSA approved facility to work throughout the year to optimize buildout time lines and ensure that your work schedules are met. Delivering your precast product is cost effective, and our HIAB 477 truck and trailer delivers to barge for transport throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Mission Statement
Our company culture has been built on integrity with the motto; excellent quality control on time and on budget!

Build With Strength – The Precast Difference:
Choosing structural precast concrete products offers many advantages for engineers, architects and contractors. The most important advantage is knowing your projects use materials that have consistent quality for strength and durability. Our quality control measures are CSA approved for all custom orders and exceed industry standards, so you don’t have to monitor or control the mix on site. Here are more reasons why choosing precast is the smart building choice:

  • When you choose precast concrete, most of the construction labour is done by machine, lowering labour costs and shortening the time to project completion. Compare this to building forms and mixing concrete on site, which requires additional costs for materials, transport, labour, and offers no guarantee of quality control or end result.
  • The precast is ready for use as soon as it’s delivered so there is no need to wait for curing or ideal weather conditions that can put your project on standby.
  • Quantity can offer significant savings for contractors with multiple projects. You can easily plan more profitable projects when you have fixed costs.
  • You can order a range of building materials from Nanaimo Precast, simplifying project management and reducing the variables that can increase costs. You can order waste management tanks, box culverts, insulated and uninsulated concrete wall panels, Redi-Rock retaining wall blocks, and parking curbs for the same project, delivered to site with one supplier.
  • Precast offers ongoing value as custom molds can be reused reducing set up costs. You don’t have to “reinvent the wheel” reassembling forms on the next site. Place your order, and your precast arrives on the truck, ready to set into place.
  • Precast molds provide decorative options that are not practical to produce on site, allowing you to build your professional reputation on the versatility and durability of precast.